A Dynamic Approach

to teaching

About AKKG

Founded in 2011 by Head Coach, Danny Collins, AKKG is a martial arts group with an emphasis on teaching martial arts ideas and approaches in a safe, structured and motivated environment.

With over 20 years’ experience and two separate  black belts in Korean stand up martial arts coupled with a professional qualification in Sports Coaching , Danny is a highly experienced martial arts professional whose dynamic approach to teaching ensures students are encouraged to reach their individual goals through fun, engaging and supported learning.

Flexibility Endurance Balance Coordination

Aside from the benefits traditionally associated with fitness and wellbeing such as improved flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination, the practise of martial arts also brings many other benefits to children and adults alike; from self-control, perseverance and respect through to improved self-confidence and esteem.

Welcoming any students over the age of 7, AKKG does not focus on any particular form or style. Instead Danny and his team of coaches embrace dynamic and fluid teaching with an open mind to different approaches.

We encourage all of our students to further their learning through controlled participation in physical sparring to gain a real understanding of what works and what doesn’t in realistic situations.

It is our club’s philosophy that the martial arts world is ever evolving. We strive to continually adapt, learn from others and to learn from our students. We aim to invite specialist instructors from a wide range of martial arts, both standing and ground fighting, to demonstrate their art and offer our students every opportunity to develop their own preferred style of defence and combat.

Whilst participation is not compulsory, we have an established team of students who are now competing on the UK circuits testing our approach and ethos against some more traditional martial arts with notable successes so far.

We have 9 classes throughout Aberdeen City and Shire and would love to welcome you to participate in our next class and see what the hype is all about!


Danny Collins

AKKG Founder
3rd dan black belt


Adam Milne

1st Degree Black Belt


Lee Walker

2nd Degree BlackBelt



Lewis Ironside

Black Belt


The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA)

All our coaches are members of The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA), a multi-award winning independent martial arts governing body. The association promotes participation, effect social change through their charitable foundation and effectively regulates the instruction of martial arts through all BMABA registered coaches, clubs and senseis.